New Urban Mapping datasets: Tashkent and Ulanbaator


Tashkent (capital of Uzbeklistan) dataset is enriched with the building heights estimates. Althoug the accuracy is not so high, the reference data can be used to improve the model’s prediction and get it more solid. There are also the two of building footprints layers — whether the data is merged with Openstreetmap buildings or not.

Tashkent patterns on an overview


Ulanbaator is the capital and the largest city of Mongolia. The interesting fact about it that more than 1/3 of all constructions in the city are yurts. They used to call them “Ger” in Mongolian.

Ulanbaator yurts and new buildings (source)
The geodata layers for Ulanbaator

Data accessibility

One more important thing is to provide these datasets in GPKG format and via #API for more convenient and interoperable use by GIS users and developers.




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