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  • Tarantool


    In-memory computing platform

  • Kirill Stepanov

    Kirill Stepanov

  • GOAT - Geo Open Accessibility Tool

    GOAT - Geo Open Accessibility Tool

    Open source, interactive and flexible web-tool for accessibility analysis.

  • Pavel Yakubovskiy

    Pavel Yakubovskiy

  • Alexey Trekin

    Alexey Trekin

  • Azavea


    Beyond dots on a map. We create software to bring together the best aspects of geography, the web, and mobile technology for stronger communities. Proud BCorp.

  • Andrey Tararaksin

    Andrey Tararaksin

    Backend Developer at Geoalert @ Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

  • Geomatrix Retail

    Geomatrix Retail

    Мы моделируем локальное потребительское поведение для максимизации доходности ритейла

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